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Think about who you are and what you want out of life.

Are you seeking improved health? Maybe you are looking to run a business to either supplement your income or turn into a new career to provide a living. Are you somebody who is looking to break status quo and change things in your life or in the world? Check out the many ways we might be a part of your pursuit of happiness by browsing our website and reading what others have to say about the rain business opportunity.

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Our Personal Story

Lesley and Mike FaheyLesley and Mike Fahey

We believe in a healthier and happier world through our choices. Finding solutions to today’s challenges and making it easier to choose the best ones is our passion and our business.

We were introduced to Rain in 2014 by our friend who put the floors in at the corporate office. Our friend was having some soreness the day he was working there and was offered Rain Soul to help. It helped him so well that he told us all about it!

When we started using Rain SOUL we couldn’t believe the difference it made in our health*. Mike didn’t have the back and knee pain that had bothered him for years and I noticed more energy right away.  We were so excited to have found a product that was easy, portable and clean!

When Rain CORE came out later that year we couldn’t wait to try it! After a couple months, Mike noticed he did not suffer from heartburn anymore at night. And I did not suffer the symptoms of my seasonal allergies in the following Spring.

Coming from a background in training and development, I was able to offer the same to my team while making the money for myself. Mike worked in the automotive industry for 25 years so he is now able to bring that logistics experience to our team.

Because of Rain International we are able to work from home together and travel around the country building Global Leaders while providing solutions to maximize your health and wealth.

We would love to share more testimonials and stories with you so please get in touch!

-Lesley Fahey

How We Get Paid

Our compensation plan was created by distributors for distributors, giving an ideal return on investment. With the highest rated plan in the industry and nine ways to get paid, there are seemingly endless opportunities. Weekly payouts, and a projected trillion-dollar industry makes now the perfect time to join us.

Our system is simple and proven:

Try products → commit to growth → launch your business → learn and grow

If you are willing to follow these four simple steps, the built in formula guarantees that success will follow. (Contact us so we can go through the full compensation plan with you or read this page for details of the 7 ways to get paid).

If you are ready to help impact the world, and change what people think they know about health nutrition, this is the place to start.


Proven in 45 markets across the globe and growing

Number of people joining network marketing companies daily : 50k

Guaranteed payout on commission : 50%

Payment on retail sales : 30%

Poised to grow to $1 trillion by 2019


What Are You Waiting For?

Join us today and build your ideal life.

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