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Camille Davis – Getting Back on the Ice

Camille Davis is a U.S. Regional Ice Skating Champion in 2014. This is the inspiring story about how she almost lost it all until she started taking Soul.


Executive Director
Leslie is an amazing key note speaker on healthy habits and lifestyle. Nutrition,exercise and supplements are her passion. She is a wonderful leader of the Rain International line. Her life changes have been her testimony.

Travel Advisor
Lesley is very enthusiastic and committed to her business and customers. We enjoy the Rain products. My daughter loves taking it for snack to school and I love to know that she's having a healthy snack daily

Doctor of Chirotractic
Lesley takes the time to get to know you! Which means she can not only provide recommendations for products but also best help you connect to other professionals

Life & Structured Settlement Advisor
I've really enjoyed getting to know Lesley and her husband Mike over the past two years. Initially, I met Leslie with her work starting the Holistic Chamber of Commerce in Mpls. She did a great job building the leadership structure, obtaining speakers and even making the food for the events. She and Mike have worked hard to build their Rain business, which I am a customer, as is now my daughter and sister. She understands the science behind the product and is always energetic in promoting its use. Lesley and Mike are non-stop networkers. If you want to meet someone, I suggest you meet Lesley first. They travel extensively to build and promote their business and use social media along the way. A good combination: great people and great products!
Senior Sales Consultant
Lesley has been amazing to work with! She shows a genuine interest in the health and wellbeing of her clients along with their professional success. She has a remarkable knowledge of the Rain products how they work and WHY they work! I've started using the SOUL product and I love it! It has wonderful anti-inflammatory benefits and that's just for starters! I'm on blood thinning medication and am not able to take OTC anti-inflammatory medication because it negatively interacts with my blood thinners. SOUL on the other hand does not, yet is able to provide me the anti-inflammatory benefits! All of Rain's products are equally as amazing! I'd highly recommend getting to know Lesley and having her share with you the Rain International story. Regardless of whether you are interested in using the product, being a distributor, or maybe you just know someone who might benefit from the product...Lesley is a Wonderful person to get to know and she has a genuine interest in helping others


Nick Alexander

Nick Alexander is internationally competitive long jumper who competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. After battling some injuries he gets back on the snow to claim a spot at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

I was the one who approached Lesley and asked about Rain products and I'm glad I did. She answered all the questions I had and the products helped me so much, I decided to become a distributor as well. Both Mike and Lesley are organized, well-informed about their products, and easy to count on. I would work with either of them on anything in the future

Lesley and Mike are amazing and SO easy to work with! I absolutely LOVE the Soul supplements. Since I have started using Soul, the inflammation I once had has almost disappeared! No pressure, No sales - Just 2 VERY knowledgeable people helping others feel better across the world.

Lesley is a great connector and has helped me tremendously both personally and professionally. Anyone that wants to learn how to network and to be inspired I highly recommend you connect with Lesley and her husband Mike Fahey. They stand out above the rest and have an extraordinary product offering. They travel all across the world and do life on purpose and for a mission. They are leaders in many networking organizations. One of them the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and also top leaders with Rain International.

Casey Jennings – Believe In Yourself

Casey Jennings is a multi-award winning professional volleyball player from Manhattan Beach, CA. Beating the odds as a shorter than average, older than average volleyball champion, Casey is an emblem of hard work, passion, and commitment to his dreams.

I loved working with Lesley. She's a genuine person who is easy to work with. Her approach to business is simple, common sense: do the right thing. She is working with some cutting-edge products in an incredible industry. This, along with her drive to help and build people first, make Lesley a great partner and anyone would be fortunate to find themselves associated with her.

We recommend Rain to our fitness studio clients. Easy and effective way to get nutrition on the go! Leslie and Mike are always a hit when they come in for Wellness Workshops and demos

I love the energy that the seed supplements give me every day. Lesley and Mike are phenomenal at representing the products.


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