Rain International Testimonials

We love Rain, and so should you! Look what others are saying, in these Rain International Testimonials:

Camille Davis – Getting Back on the Ice

Camille Davis is a U.S. Regional Ice Skating Champion in 2014. This is the inspiring story about how she almost lost it all until she started taking Soul.


“My husband’s friend, Jeremy, told us about this new product. It had great expectations and it was called Soul – he said if it does half of what it’s been said to do, you only stand to benefit. So, he brought us over 2 packets and I took one and I am here to tell you that I experienced immediate results in my joints. I was just amazed that it could happen that quickly. I had my flexibility….”*

“One of the reasons why Soul is meaningful to me is because it allows me to have a better quality of life. It’s not just another put-on-the-shelf product, I think it’s something that I can say is real, Not only do I feel better, I see there are measurable outcomes for me. It’s just really been a good thing…it’s been a blessing.”*

“I use Soul for just about everything. This is the best thing that has ever happened to us as far as a holistic product and a company that’s building a business with a holistic approach. I think it’s something that’s really meant for people who believe and trust in a holistic process and care enough to share this.”*


Nick Alexander

Nick Alexander is internationally competitive long jumper who competed at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC. After battling some injuries he gets back on the snow to claim a spot at the 2014 Winter Olympics.

“So my husband was taking a product called Soul and he said, “Honey why don’t you try this. See if it helps you feel better from your hiking.” And I’m very skeptical, there are so many things out there that say they’re going to make you feel better – everything’s going to feel wonderful – and they never work, so I didn’t take it for awhile. And then one day I was rummaging through the cupboards, and there it was and I thought I’ll take it, no big deal. So I took it, and I felt pretty good. I began reading a lot on essential oils and how it helps with minor muscle pain following exercise, and I don’t have as many problems with my knees, which is great. That’s the bottom line you know, if I feel good and my energy levels are wonderful and I’m recovering I don’t see any reason to ever stop taking it, even once I reach my goal. It helps in my everyday life…it’s wonderful.”*

Graduated from UC Berkeley in 1971 with an MBA degree in Accounting. After working with many health products and people for 25 years, I have a deep passion to share my health knowledge and wisdom with everyone. Especially, ladies’ health challenges and children’s health – that is my focus. Today, staying healthy is not free, and you have to earn your health. You need to know what you are eating today. What you do not know will hurt you! Everyone is eating bad oils and many people do not know about it. I thank God for the “good oil” product that is manufactured by Rain International.


Casey Jennings – Believe In Yourself

Casey Jennings is a multi-award winning professional volleyball player from Manhattan Beach, CA. Beating the odds as a shorter than average, older than average volleyball champion, Casey is an emblem of hard work, passion, and commitment to his dreams.

Hillbrook and Linda
Hallbrook Polite, Jr. is a Certified Retirement Counselor. He has 15 years of experience as a financial advisor, retirement planner and insurance professional. He has advised clients participating in 401k, 403b and small business retirement plans such as Simple IRAs. Before working in financial services, Hallbrook worked in consumer products sales and sales management. He worked for industry titans such as Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson and Unilever. Linda Polite is a seasoned professional with 30 years of experience in Finance, Accounting and Project Management. In this time, Linda has worked for colleges, non-profits, and governmental, and corporate organizations. Linda has also served in many capacities at her church of 21 years in Atlanta, GA. Linda has been in the network marketing industry for almost 30 years but says this is the best company she has been associated with. She feels compelled to share Core and Soul with everyone she knows because she knows could literally be saving someone’s life by educating people about these products! Linda’s mission is to “Help people find themselves and live their dreams”! With Rain International she has a vehicle to do just that!!!

Prior to joining Rain International, Rachel, was a very successful business woman selling high end building materials. She found much success financially, but the job was stressful and unsatisfying. She was introduced to Rain International by a now very close friend. With no network marketing experience and no nutritional background, Rachel started sharing Rain’s story and product with her friends, family, and everyone she met. She was blown away by the quick results and positive experiences people were having with Soul; not only that she started to see some significant income from helping others. For the first time Rachel felt she was making a difference in people’s lives. Rachel has a passion for helping others and loves to see people succeed. “People will always be looking for health and wealth, and Rain International provides people with both!”*

"My family and I love to hike, ski and travel together, so it is important that as we age, we stay healthy in order to keep having all this fun. Taking Soul is the easiest way to accomplish this. Since the ingredients are ground into a powder, they are bioavailable to the body immediately. As a Bronze Executive I can say that creating this business has been easy and fun. With a product this powerful, it really builds by itself! One of the reasons is because Soul is brand new here in the Americas, so the timing is perfect for people to get involved. I have found that nearly everyone is looking for a way to make some extra money. This is the perfect opportunity! It is clear to us that our bodies are absorbing the nutrition because we all feel so much better than before Soul! I can’t help but tell my friends about it and it is a BONUS to get paid for doing so!"*

"In 2013, I received a phone call from a friend who is also a physical therapist. He said he was using a seed-based nutrition product called Soul…that was helping his patients. I got in contact with Byron Belka, President and Founder of Rain International, who told me more about this wonderful product. I enrolled with 10 cases of Soul that evening and put an ad in USA Today that ran the following Friday! I contacted a good friend of mine and a few others I knew from networking, and we ultimately sponsored 50 people into the business and introduced the product to a few preferred customers. Now, we have teams all over the United States, Canada, and the Philippines, just to name a few. And this year, we won the Soul car at Grand Convention. By the way, we decided to take the cash (in lieu of the vehicle) to support our teams internationally. How have we built Rain International? We reached out to our warm market first; everyone has a warm market (family, friends, referrals, etc.) and we continue to advertise in other markets. When we find the markets that are interested, we share those leads with our team leaders. About 25% of what we earn we put back into the business to support our teams and focus on building. We believe in finding leaders and driving deep for dough. Speaking of dough, the Rain compensation plan is the best that I’ve ever seen, especially if you’re looking for longevity. These are the principals we instill in our leaders: 1) FOCUS – Don’t look left, don’t look right. Don’t buy anyone else’s story; let them buy yours. 2) PROFESSIONALISM – Be respectful of everyone you speak with. Not everyone will join you or become your customer, but a good number will – our market is vast! 3) LISTEN – To the owners, management, your upline, and the company leaders. We also have great customer support that can help you. 4) LEARN – To plug into the conference calls, webinars, and learn about the “Rain Cycle” and how to use it to your benefit. Learn about the products and the opportunity (become a product of the product). 5) LOYALTY – There are tons of so called “income opportunities” and incredible products in the marketplace, but there’s only one seed-based direct marketing company on the planet right now, and that’s Rain International. When you have the right ownership, management team, support, compensation plan, training, and products… You need to be right here, right now. Lastly we want to thank our group for hanging in there and assisting us in getting where we are today."*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.