Rain International Review

Rain International Review

Rain International is about much more than the products we sell

From the beginning, we’ve been innovating and changing things to solve many of the issues that are prevalent in the world.


Our CEO and Founder is a leader in the industrybyron

Byron Belka has more than 10 years of extensive experience in network marketing, starting from the ground floor and rising to the industry’s elite class. He is well-known for his successful business building systems. Byron has been involved with numerous nutritional supplements over the years but never before has experienced anything as powerful in wellness and business as seed nutrition. His vision to help the world discover what seeds have to offer is a major driving force behind the success of Rain International.


Our COO is also owner of our BackOffice Software Orb6casey

Formerly VP of Sales and Business Development of a software development company, Casey’s invaluable knowledge and unparalleled sales experience propelled the company into becoming a major leader in the software arena. He brings a wealth of knowledge and comprehensive insight to Rain International.


Our CMO is making Rain a household namedaniel

Daniel Scarpino is a recognized business leader, known for his strategic vision in creating, building and guiding innovative ideas with extensive multi-industry knowledge. His tenacious drive to convert these ideas into sustainable companies has enabled him to collaboratively grow many successful businesses. Daniel’s commitment to Rain International is not only for the innate benefits of the product but also for the team-based approach the company provides to help Rain Partners succeed in their business endeavors.


We do not have a “parent” company

We’re a fully independent international entity with the freedom and ability to distribute our Seed Nutritive infused products across the globe! Thanks to recent acquisitions and continued impressive growth, our unique products are available to areas including North America, Asia, Europe and elsewhere.


We lab-test our products to make sure they do what they claim to do for people.

Independent bioanalytical laboratories serving the nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, have found our products to be effective nutritional supplements that promote health and vitality.


We’ve helped to solve the world’s nutrition problem by creating a new category of supplement

Based not on one exotic plant while neglecting others but upon the principle that all edible plants have nutrition to offer. This new category is seed-based nutrition and it taps into the most concentrated form of nutrition in any plant–its seeds. Our products contain some of the most studied seed ingredients for maximum health benefits.


Rain International is a Global company based in the US

With our corporate headquarters in American Fork, Utah we are blessed to be located along the base of the “Silicon Slopes” in the Rocky Mountains. This allows us to be up-to-date with the latest research and technology while we enjoy some of the most celebrated outdoor recreation areas in the world. Our branches extend to our international offices in Hungary and Singapore with regional offices across the world. Our manufacturing plant is just down the road in Springville UT. Which manufactures the products for every market worldwide.


We’ve created a non-profit foundation, Seeds for Change

We have created our very own foundation, Seeds for Change, and dedicated it to be a force for good in our world. Seeds for Change receives a monetary percentage of each box purchased at Rain International and puts it toward a good cause.
We have paired up with other, like-minded organizations as well, like Trees for the Future, Musana and Help International to continue fostering an environment of change for good in the world. We have chosen to become the change that we want to see, and are watching the fruits of our service blossom all across the globe.

Rain and Seeds For Change have paired up with Trees for the Future in order to continue to push goodness onward and upward. Trees for the Future, just as its name implies, is a non-profit organization that changes the world one tree at a time. They are a foundation that is focused on helping the world and its people. They have already planted trees in thousands of communities, which stretch across 19 countries.

Musana International is one of the rare companies in the world that practices charity more than they preach it. We have teamed up with them too, not only help them in their service-oriented journey but to multiply our own efforts of changing this world one person at a time. We’re featuring their “Lucky Seeds” collection of jewelry and each purchase goes towards a great cause. Musana International is special. Each moving part of their business model works and acts like a self-sustaining humanitarian project. They produce beautiful, world-class jewelry, but they truly are much more than the products they sell. Musana International believes in the kind of deep-rooted change that pulls entire cultures out of a cycle of poverty. They’ve set up their workshops in places like Uganda, given single mothers jobs, education, health care, and other opportunities to help the cycle of poverty end.

To learn more about rain international or read more rain international reviews about the company, visit their website at www.rainintl.com

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rain international review
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